-Open icon selection page on SafeWatersAPP.

-Click on an icon that you want to represent as a report on the map.

-Zoom in on the map with two fingers to the desired location.

-Click on the location and hold for 2 seconds to mark your report.

NOTE: Most icons post with limited cell service. You must have decent service to post a picture/description with an icon


  1. Fish report 3 hrs  

  2. Police 30 min 

  3. Boat crash 1 hr 

  4. Weather 12 hours 

  5. Debris 6 hours

  6. Rocks 6 months 

  7. Vegetation 3 mon 

  8. Shallow 6 months 

  9. Anchored 1 hr 

  10. Need tow 1 hr 

  11. Sandbars 30 days